Small enough to care. Big enough to deliver.

We service the Hearing Health Industry, Mining and Petroleum, Government, Industrial and Commercial clients.

With a combined experience of more than 47 years in the field of audiometrics we are able to offer at competitive prices:

  • Full audiometer calibration program.
  • Calibration of free field and other audiometric equipment.
  • Calibration of Tympanometers and Impedance meters.
  • Certification testing of audiometric test booths.
  • Relocation, modification and compliance testing of audiometric booths.
  • Workplace Noise Surveys - advice and consultancy.
  • All work undertaken by fully qualified technical officer (Associate Diploma level).
  • Specialist Technical Training – Fully Approved Noise Assessor Course.

We sell a range of:

  • Audiometers from screening to full diagnostic.
  • Tympanometers.
  • Combined Audiometer and Tympanometer.
  • Audiometric Booths (standard or custom built).
  • OAE equipment.
  • ABR equipment.

Additional Equipment - Sales and installation.

  • Sound Field Amplification.
  • Loop amplifiers and FM assistive listening devices.
  • Sound Level Meter Sales and Calibration.