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Custom Booths

Our custom designed booths provide the ultimate environment for patients and staff to complete patient testing. The modular construction allows us to design each booth to meet your required specifications and custom build to fit any room. Production times vary depending on requirements.

  • Right hand or left hand opening door.
  • Standard Finish is Powder Coated Dulux White Pearl however colour of your choice can be selected from the Dulux powders colour range at
  • Interior is fitted with carpeted floor and interior walls are acoustic panels available in a range of fabrics.
  • Lighting, ventaltion fan, powerpoints, and 6 x 6.5mm jacks for audiometer interconnection are included in the booth interior.
  • Booths are built to comply with ambient noise requirements as specified in AS/NZS 1269 / 2005. Precision Acoustics will provide required testing at installation to gain certification.
  • Available in a base model or a premium model with extra insulation, double glazed windows and the door fitted with a compressible rubber seal.
  • Booths are demountable for ease of instalation within exising structures and to facilitate transport.
  • Freight costs vary depending on location. The booths are sent via Specialized Transport and are insured in transit.


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