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Mini Booths

Our Audiometric Mini Booth has a range of features making it easy to install and use within your existing facility.

The hearing booth door opens back behind the frame allowing movement through standard 820mm doorways. Heavy duty wheels make the audio booth portable. The wheels are also lockable to ensure the mini booth is secure once in position.

Our sound booths are available in a variety of models from a Premium model with extra insulation and double glazed windows to a flat pack model for installation in hard to access locations.

All models include a door with compressible rubber seal that can be fitted for Right or Left hand opening. Our hearing booths reduce noise levels to that required for threshold testing without the need for additional headset enclosures.

The hard wearing easy to clean Powdercoat finish on our audio booth comes standard in White Pearl but we also offer a range of colours as listed on the Dulux website at

Sales of audiometric booths are available Australia wide. Contact us for a quote including delivery, installation and acoustic testing. 

  • Mini-booth of size 1950mm high, 820mm depth and 950mm width. 
  • Audio Booth can have a right hand or left hand opening door. 
  • Finish is powder coat in Dulux White Pearl or colour of your choice. 
  • Interior is fitted with carpet on floor and perforated metal on walls. 
  • Light and fan for interior of booth. (low voltage with external power pack for safer operation). 
  • 6 x 6.5mm jacks fitted on window side for audiometer interconnection with leads supplied. 
  • Hearing Booths are built to comply with ambient noise requirements as specified in AS/NZS 1269 / 2005.
  • Note: Ambient Noise test is required at installation for Office of Hearing Services and Work Cover certification. 
  • The Premium Sound Booth is suitable for full audiological testing without enclosures in most installations.

Attenuation figures for Mini Booth basic model as supplied by Precision Acoustics.

Octave Band Frequency Attenuation
125Hz 16dB
250Hz 27dB
500Hz 35dB
1000Hz 41dB
2000Hz 44dB
4000Hz 40dB
8000Hz 42dB

Measurements were taken in a reverberant test facility with a 100dB external white noise source.

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