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Svantek 979

The SVAN 979 is capable of carrying out immensely complex and advanced readings with the ease of a menu system on the amazingly clear OLED display. The 979 has a large dynamic range of measurement over 110dB. It’s high-quality GRAS 40AE microphone allows measurement in the frequency range starting as low as 3 Hz. Its possible to utilize multiple features simultaneously by means of two high-speed digital signal processors.

Connectivity for transfer of data or to a printer or PC is easy via USB, RS 232, Bluetooth or IrDA. The SVAN 979 also allows for real time link for PC "front-end" application, with the option for a PC to remotely control the instrument.


  • Hand held and light weight
  • Advanced Data Logger to SD-card or USB Memory Stick
  • RS 232 and Bluetooth interface
  • Fast USB 1.1 interface allowing real time PC "front end" application
  • Integration time programmable up to 24 h
  • Connect vibration sensor for vibration measurements.
  • extensive range of hardware and firmware add-ons (built-in Bluetooth, windscreen infrared detector, direct connections to GPS module, GPRS or WiFi modem)
  • Advanced trigger and alarm functions
  • Powered from four AA standard or rechargeable batteries