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If you're looking to buy a new audiometer speak to the experts at Precision Acoustics. We will help you select the correct equipment according to your needs and the testing environment in which it will be used. 

Below is a sample of our current range, contact us for free professional advice.

Madsen A450

The new Otometrics® Madsen A450 is a PC-based audiometer that runs on Otosuite® software and delivers tests and frequencies necessary to perform efficient air conduction, bone conduction and sound field testing.

The A450 is designed to...

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Amplivox 170

The Amplivox 170 is an ideal screening audiometer with both manual and automatic test functions.

Test results can be recorded manually, saved in memory for future use, printed with the optional printer, or transferred to a PC installed...

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Amplivox CA850 Series 5

The CA850 Series 5 is a screening audiometer designed for occupational health screening requirements. It can automatically measure, record and categorise hearing levels in accordance with a varietry
of methods including self recording/Bekesy...

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GSI Pello

The GSI Pello is a versatile mid-level audiometer with the capability to perform a full range of audiometric testing in a small package with air, bone, and speech audiometry. Ideal for audiology private practices, hearing aid dispensers, ENT...

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GSI Audiostar Pro

The AudioStar Pro is a fast, efficient and versatile, two-channel clinical audiometer that can be used independently or with a computer for complete audiometric test evaluations for all patients. Its one-button, one function design and optional...

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Madsen Aurical II

Otometrics Aurical

More flexible, efficient and convincing than ever.

The new AURICAL II supports the relationship between you and your clients and gives you both confidence. You can hide it. You can flaunt it. You can place it where you...

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Madsen Astera

The MADSEN Astera² is a state-of-the-art clinical audiometer that enables you to work with precision and flexibility, whether you practice in a major health care facility or a one-person office. It combines the best features of traditional, stand...

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MedRX Avant 2D+

The AVANT A2D+ Audiometer is an ultra-compact PC-based diagnostic audiometer.   Simply install the operating software then plug the device into any USB 2.0 port of your computer and you are ready to test.

The AVANT A2D+ audiometer software...

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Madsen Capella

Madsen Capella is a powerful Otocoustic Emissions (OAE) system that allows clinicians to conduct an objective and accurate analysis of the cochlear function for all age groups. A comprehensive and powerful tool that is easy to use combining three...

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